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01 June 2007

The Pointer Sisters - they're a 'Goldmine' of pop gems

Only Sisters Can Do That (Anita, Ruth & June Pointer)

No self respecting low rent nightclub should ever shut its doors without blasting out one of the Pointers' pop gems. Best known for their danceable hits Jump (For My Love), I'm So Excited, Dare Me, and perhaps their greatest single the Neutron Dance! The Pointers have been recording since the early 70's. Originally a quartet with sister Bonnie, they successfully recorded a string of soul LP's before slimming down to a trio and teaming up with producer Richard Perry. On Perry's Planet label the sisters quickly established themselves as a top selling force to be reckoned with by way of their hit albums and singles such as the UK hit 'Slow Hand', and the US Top 5 smash 'He's So Shy', amongst many other crossover hits.

But it was their 1984 LP 'Breakout' which saw the sisters Pointer establish themselves as a major pop act. The album sold millions and millions of copies accross the globe and spawned at least 5 charting singles incuding Jump, I'm So Excited (remixed from the version on the 1983 LP of the same name), Neutron Dance, I Need You and Baby Come And Get It. They followed it up with Contact, Hot Together, Serious Slammin', and solo LP's from June, Anita, and even old Bonnie, all in a very similar vein. Two more LP's were issued in the 90's 'Right Rhythm' and 'Only Sisters Can Do That' which sank without trace.

Since then the Sisters have had their troubles. Without a record deal the sisters continued to tour, but sadly June's reliance on drugs began to affect her ability to tour with her sisters. Big sister Ruth and Anita had no choice but to boot her out of the group. June's problems got even worse when she was arrested for attempting to claw out her lovers eyes and sordid rumours about her love life were plastered accross the tabloids. She did manage to spend some time on the road with her sister Bonnie and record a few demos, but sadly things got worse for June and she tragically died of cancer in 2006.

Her music lives on as does the Pointer magic. I was lucky enough to catch the Pointers with their newest member, Issa Pointer - daughter of Ruth. They are absolutely amazing and their fans really turned out in force for the show I attended in Las Vegas. They were doing the Neutron Dance in the isles, I kid you not! And that's quite an achievment for people in their 40's & 50's I am sure!

I offer you:

Back In My Arms (Remix) -- amazing flop single! 1985

Respect Yourself
(Bruce Willis with The Pointer Sisters, mainly June)

Tight On Time (I'll Fit You In) (12" Office Mix) -- June's flop '89 single! This mix is quite a bit different to the LP version, kind of funky dance with a hint of Freestyle, maybe.

Diana King - more than just butch looking gal with a funny accent

Diana King is best known for her single 'Shy Guy' , lifted from the 'Bad Boys' soundtrack. Ms. King hails from Jamaica and isn't afraid to show it off from the first verse of her biggest hit, right through to her most recent release, 'Ya Dun Kno'. The King wasn't averse to a few fabulous cover versions either. A classy cover of Chaka Khan's 'Ain't Nobody', with remixes from Davis Morales, and a decidedly unique take on the Queen of Soul's 'I Say A Little Prayer', with even fiercer remixes from Love To Infinity, gave King her second and third UK Top 20 smash hits. Sadly it all went tits up from there and her second album tanked. Nevertheless greater things were yet to come when she gave Celine Dion her greatest single to date in the form of the classic 'Treat Her Like A Lady', and even appeared with Celine on TV. The world owes Diana King a great deal of gratitude.

I'm offering up some goodies including:

I Say A Little Prayer For You (Love To Infinity Radio Remix)

Ain't Nobody (David's Radio Edit) -- classy

L-L-L-Lies (Double Deception Mix - Edit)
-- remix by Love To Infinity, edited by me!