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30 July 2009

Upcoming treasures in September!

As if Kathy's fantastic TV show My Life on the D List (which airs on E! in the UK), her CD, and her standup shows weren't enough for her growing army of fans, now she's gone and written a book! She's also on Facebook too!

The legendary DIV-A! returns with a new album, I don't care what people say about her comeback single, I Didn't Know My Own Strength, I think it's brilliant. We all know what Whitney has been through, the humiliation of Being Bobby Brown, her 'crack is whack' interview with Wendy Williams, the drug paraphernalia pictures in the Enquirer, the divorce, and worst of all that horrible duet with Cissy, Auntie Dionne and Little Bobbie Christina! This is the comeback of the year, after La Toya's of course!!! Can't wait.

Who'd have thought these two would ever get a record deal again after the horrible underperformance, I mean 'distribution problems', of their last album, Drama. Well Fascination Records/Universal have taken pity on them and September 2 sees the release of their quite frankly exquisite new single, Love Comes! I love the title especially. The album Viva is out the week after, and the single is being released as a CD and two retrotastic 7" picture discs, with exclusive b-sides!

Return of the B-Movie Queens!

The 80's had so many memorable Hollywood leading ladies, but there was also a whole host of B-Movie Queens, here are some of my favourite stars in some fun scenes:

Linda Blair in Savage Streets - Linda takes revenge on a gang of vicious punks after they rape her handicapped sister one day after school...

Sybil Danning in The Howling II: Your Sister is a Werewolf - This is the genuine ending to this crazy ass movie! The movie theme is performed by Steve Parsons with footage of good old Sybil ripping her top off over and over again with reactions from other cast members taken from scenes in the movie, poor Christopher Lee! Pure trash!

Sandahl Bergman in Hell Comes to Frogtown - Sandahl has been captured by King Toty and she is forced to perform the Dance of the Three Snakes, hotness!

Pia Zadora in Butterfly - Pia won a Golden Globe for this, she plays a young girl who lives out in the Nevada Desert, when her estranged father comes to visit their relationship takes a forbidden turn...

Brigitte Nielsen in Red Sonja - Brigitte plays the feisty Sonja in this bad movie classic, in this clip she fights to the death with evil Queen Gedren (Sandahl Bergman).

Linnea Quigley in Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers - The Virgin Dance of the Double Chainsaws, this movie is TERRIBLE! hehe

Morgan Fairchild in Phantom of the Mall - This terrible movie is elevated by the presence of the fabulous Morgan, the patron saint of this blog!

29 July 2009

Anita Pointer - More Than A Memory (12") (1987)

This was the second single from the one and only solo album by Anita Pointer of the Pointer Sisters, Love For What It Is! The 12" came with two mixes the East Coast Mix and the West Coast Mix.


Check out the video for the first single, Overnight Success

Trog (1970)

I first read about this legendary crap classic in The Official Razzie Movie Guide, which is a great read if you're interested in this fascinating sub-genre.

Oscar winner and Mommie Dearest herself, Joan Crawford stars as a anthropologist who attempts to train and tame the unfortunately named, Trog, which is short for troglodyte if you hadn't guessed. A tragic prehistoric creature who has been frozen for millions of years, only to be uncovered by some scantily clad zoology students. Dr Joan thinks that Trog is the missing link and tries to protect him from the justifiably anxious locals. Armed with her trusty proto gun (which shoots tranquiliser darts) she spends the next 80 mins chasing after Trog as he inevitably escapes and kills people.

I really enjoyed Trog, yes the plot and sets are woeful, and Trog's costume and makeup 'effects' are worse than you'd see on even the most shoddy 1970's episode of Doctor Who. Nevertheless I think it's got a lot of charm, and Joan really gives it all she's got (this was her last movie!). Some people say she was pissed when she made this, but whatever! She still had it, although the outfits will make the more fashion conscious viewer wince as each one is worse than the last! Trog is a perfect afternoon no-brainer and it's funny as hell to boot - recommended.

28 July 2009

La Toya Jackson - Home

Please support La Toya's new single, Home! All proceeds go to one of Michael's favourite AIDS charities, and of course it's a great song!

It's available on iTunes worldwide!

Gloria Estefan Live in Liverpool (27 July 2009)

Yes, the Queen of the Conga was in the UK for one night only yesterday and I was lucky enough to catch this international treasure in action! Before I briefly review the show (you just know it was fantastic!!!) I have to say that I am a big fan of the magnificent Glo, ever since I was little I've admired her killer party tunes and her beautiful balladry, and of course her amazing outfits and hair-do's! I remember her Greatest Hits was one of the first CD's I 'forgot' to take back to the local library when I was very young, and getting dirty looks from my neighbours for playing You'll Be Mine (Party Time) at full blast when I was about 11 years old, those people had no soul! It goes without saying that Gloria (1998) is one of my all time favourite albums, ever!

Needless to say, said album was well represented last night, not only did she open with a storming rendition of Oye! But Heaven's What I Feel and I Just Wanna Be Happy featured prominently. God, even thinking about it is getting me in the mood for a Gloria afternoon! The legend amongst legends was in fabulous voice and even the Spanish songs were compelling, and I don't think you can get less Latin than bloody Liverpool! But somehow it all worked so well, probably due to Gloria's glory days as one of the world's biggest live acts. Times may have changed, and her popularity in the UK has careened in recent years, 2003's Unwrapped flopped as did 2007's Very Best Of. As such, this show wasn't that well attended, but that didn't matter to the thousands of fans who did turn out, or Gloria herself who gave it her all. Another highlight was I Wish You from Wrapped, as well as personal favourites Everlasting Love and I Love For Loving You, as well as all the hits you'd expect to hear - Anything for You and Don't Wanna Lose You, as well as Dr Beat, Rhythm Is Gonna Get You, and Conga, of course!

Gloria's trips to the UK may be few and far between, and increasingly fleeting, but I'd defy anyone to go to one of her shows and not come away full of energy and some great memories! 10/10!

Check out a clip of her tribute to Michael Jackson from last night