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03 May 2008


Girlschool are a British metal group who started out in the late 70's, they even had a Top 5 UK album in 1981! After a few lineup changes they attempted to break the US market with their 1985 LP Running Wild (much maligned by fans, and of course recommeded by me!). It didn't work. The girls are still playing live and have some live dates, so Google them!

Here's a few tracks from their last two major albums Nightmare At Maple Cross (1986) and Take A Bite (1988); Too Hot To Handle; Fox On The Run; Play With Fire; Up All Night.


Nicki French!

I've been a fan of Nicki French since I was 10 years old! There used to be a premium rate hotline advertised on the back of all the Love This Records singles where you could call up and hear the latest tat from Nicki and her dodgy labelmates, they'd play the full songs just to keep you on the line, I think you could even hear the remixes! She may have only had the one hit, but our Nicki personifies what good club diva is all about, and she can actually sing! I have a friend who has actually spoken to her too! In tribute here's a collection of remixes so you can have your own Nicki Disco in your bedrooms; Don't Play That Song Again (Club Mix); I Surrender (Shanghai Surprise Club Mix); Calling Out My Name (Jonesy's Soda Pop Mix); Total Eclipse Of The Heart 2006 (Saint Club Mix).


Eastbound Expressway!

Eastbound Expressway started out in the mid 70's, discovered by British hiNRG producer Ian Levine, who wrote and produced all their songs. The girls continued to record until the late 80's. Their sound progressed from disco to trashy hiNRG and while the group enjoyed no chart success their music found favour on the dancefloor and two of their tracks became theme tunes to television shows (Frantic Love theme tune to Ear-Say and also the Theme to K-9 and Co, an 80's Dr Who spin off!). However it's their later stuff that really interests me so check out my Eastbound Expressway E.P. feat. the singles You're A Beat, Knock Me Senseless, Rainstorm, and the amazing Whiplash!