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30 April 2007

War Dancing, 1989

CAST: Daniel Quinn (Picasso)

Known for his roles in the Scanner Cop movies. He is a popular TV and Broadway actor too.

Carlos Gomez (Slammer)

Gomez has recently had recurring roles in 24, Sleeper Cell and Shark. He has appeared in lots of b-movies too.

Adrian Paul (Billy)

British actor best known for his lead role on Highlander: The Series and its many TV movies.

Patricia Barry and Sally Stewart

PLOT: A gang of delinquents are given community service and sent to re-paint the local dance school run by a charasmatic male teacher (Paul). The leader of the gang, Slammer, is a street dancer who hears that the school is funded by a competition that it must win to ensure it has the $500,000 to cover its costs. Slammer gets the gang into shape and they convince the judging pannel that they have a school and that they are eligible to enter. One of the gang members (Quinn) has fallen for an exchange teacher not realising that she will be sent home if the school can't win the prize money.

THOUGHTS: So bad! This is the sequel to Body Beat which I have already posted about. The songs performed by would be singing sensation Stewart are so generic they wouldn't even make it as Paula Abdul b-sides. Speaking of Miss Abdul, she choregraphed this movie and it has to be said, she does a good job with an especially untalented cast. Don't go out of your way to find this one.

CAN I BUY IT? Used on VHS, or DVD (Region 1), released in the US on VHS as 'Dance To Win'.

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