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12 May 2007

Action Jackson, 1988

STARRING: Carl Weathers (Jericho 'Action' Jackson)

Weathers is best known for playing Apollo Creed in the Rocky movies. This was his big break as one of 80's action's leading men. Sadly it didn't really happen.

Vanity (Sydney)

One time member of the group Vanity 6 and popular 80's pin-up. She recorded two solo albums for Motown, a few movies, then became a born again Chrstian preacher after she almost died from substance abuse.

Craig T. Nelson (Dellaplane)

You'll no doubt recognise him from his many screen credits including Poltergeist, Troop Beverly Hills (Shelley Long classic!) and The Devils Advocate.

Sharon Stone (Patrice Dellaplane)

After Police Academy and before Basic Instinct, Sharon made this action extravaganza!

PLOT: Tough Chicago cop Sgnt. Jackson (Weathers) is determined to expose evil businessman/drug dealer Dellaplane (Nelson) who has killed Jackson's brother, but his cheif wants him off the case. Jackson turns to Dellaplane's sexy mistress, a singer named Sydney (Vanity), to help him prove his case.

THOUGHTS: This movie is perfection in my mind. We open with a pretty scary sequence where masked hoods crash through the windows of a skyscraper and murder an unsuspecting businessman. We cut to the great opening credits accompanied by the Pointer Sisters' fabulous theme tune 'He Turned Me Out', one of their best singles too! There's pleanty of humour when we meet Jackson and throughout this great little movie. It's tough without being too macho, and there are more soundtrack delights from the fabulous Vanity, Sister Sledge and Madame X who sing the title track at the end. Everyone in this movie is great (even Vanity -- slurred lines and all) and it's a shame that it didn't do well enough for a sequel.

CAN I BUY IT? Region 1 DVD, dirt cheap!

MUSIC VIDEO: Pointer Sisters - He Turned Me Out

MUSIC VIDEO: Vanity - Undress


Trash Addict said...

So fierce!! One of my all time favourites! I just wish La Toya had taken Vanity's role!

Tommy said...

Damn, I need to see this sometime..The Pointer Sisters and Vanity.. what's not to love?

Vanity said...

Could there be a greater cinematic achievement?? And sorry, but Toy can't hold a candle to V! (By the way, Jamie, check out MY blog!


I think it's right up your alley!