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01 November 2008

Kim Wilde - Say You Really Want Me (7" Remix)

I hope I am not alone in my preference for Kim's MCA Records years, while I do like her earlier output, singles like The Second Time, Never Trust A Stranger, It's Here, You Keep Me Hanging On, You Came, and Another Step really raised the bar. Her image was a whole lot better too. Say You Really Want Me was the third single from her second flop album in a row for MCA, Another Step, this version is featured on the re-release version and however slight, the remix really takes the track to another level. The video was banned in the UK as it features Kim writhing around on a bed pouting and wearing gloves! How innocent everything was back then, when the likes of Kim and Sheena Easton could be controversial. This track was also in the movie 'Running Scared'. These days Kim is back on the pop charts, at least in Germany and is gigging around the UK this winter with the Here & Now Tour, her latest CD, Never Say Never, was released in 2006.


http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=IdZrGxMExrA - the 'FILTHY' video

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