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14 September 2009

Zone Horror to close

The worst possible news, Zone Horror - the UK's leading (only!) free to air channel dedicated to trashy horror movies is closing it's doors! Chello Zone who own the channel have merged with CBS and will replace Zone Horror and the other Zone channels with CBS produced content. So no more sleazy b-movies movies on Zone Thriller either! This is a sad day indeed.

It launched in 2003 as The Horror Channel, re-branding in 2006. Thinking about it when your best shows are re-runs of Beastmaster - The Series and Mutant X, and prime time is filled with such gems as Ghoulies and Slumber Party Massacre 3, and those are the classier ones, it's not hard to see why there was no profit in this televisual tour-de-force of bad taste. I for one will miss it, where else could you watch Joan Collins in Empire of the Ants every weekend, guaranteed! They also specialised in late night gore with an abundance of cannibal and zombie movies in the early hours. With it's average audience share of 0.1% all of three people including me will give a damn, but how could anyone hope to top a lineup like this:

09:00 Your Dream Psychics
12:00 Netherbeast Incorporated
14:00 Friday The 13th
15:00 Mutant X
16:00 Pterodactyl
18:00 BeastMaster
19:00 Millennium
20:00 Witchblade
21:00 Curse Of The Komodo
22:55 Sea Ghost
00:40 Tales From The Darkside - The Movie
02:40 666: The Beast
04:30 Mutant X
05:30 The Ray Bradbury Theatre
06:00 Teleshopping

Zone Horror

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Anonymous said...

Hello Jamie!Found your blog while searching for the 2 Valerie Claire songs... Is there ANY chance of a re-up for those two gems??Please,please,please!!??=)Big hugs and-hopefully-thanks in advance! PER/France