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22 November 2009

Tat Parade saultes: Kate O'Mara

I went to Memorabilia at the NEC in Birmingham yesterday and met British cult icon Kate O'Mara, best known perhaps, for her roles in 70's Hammer Horror movies, and in the 80's for playing some excllent bitches on TV shows like Dynasty and Howard's Way. But to me she is always Doctor Who's renegade Time Lady, The Rani! I loved meeting Kate yesterday and she graciously signed my DVD (of Mark of the Rani) and let me have a picture with her too.

Check out some of these clips:


Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie! I wrote to you in the sep 14 post to ask if it would be possible for you to reupload the Valerie Claire posts?? I have these songs on an old tape from way back then and would love to hear them again! I thank you SO in advance and cross my fingers for a little luck(or rather BIG luck!!)
Best to you! PER/France

undisco_me said...

If she could have one last gigantic hurrah, please can it be a Hollywood biopic of Marlene Dietrich.

She's actually rather underrated I think - she's amongst a rare breed of shoulder-pad cougars from the 80s with more talent on their fake nails than most of today's leading ladies. Angelina? Please!

Jamie_movietrip said...

I'll try and dig out those Valerie songs for you, Anonymous.

I compleley agree, Kate really needs rediscovering, she's such a good actress, not sure that I mentioned in my post, but I have seen her on stage and she was so good. It's a shame that she can't have an old lady detecive show or as you say a biopic, she'd make a great Dietrich. There are some pics of her playing her in some play or other.

Anonymous said...

I'll be waiting by the computer !!=) PER