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05 December 2009


Lord have mercy! The Queen of Soul may have been a bit quiet (musically) of late, but she sure knows how to make an appearance! From her stunning hat at Obama's inauguration, to this dazzling winter wonder. I thought I'd use this picture as an excuse to post a few of Aretha's lesser (but no less mighty) singles...

While the track Wonderful was the single that won her a Grammy from 2003's So Damn Happy, this is my favourite, the album version is a mellow gem, the Georgio Morroder Mix was the real pleasure. Here it is to download and savour!

Aretha's follow up to A Rose Is Still A Rose (the one with Lauryn Hill), Here We Go Again!

Also, check out the David Morales mix, which was the UK single version...

From 1994's Gold selling Greatest Hits here's Willing To Forgive, a lovely Babyface track which Aretha simply glides her way through. Enjoy, in glorious HD!

Everyday People is from the wonderfully titled What You See Is What You Sweat LP, from 1991, produced by none other than the late great Luther Vandross! Shep Pettibone worked his magic on the single mix, but the mix he did which appears on the end of the album is worth checking out too as it's a bit better IMHO. It's a shame this bombed because it's pure gold! "Go, go, go Queen o'Soul!"

So there you have it, a Aretha's greatest misses of yesteryear (well the last 15) - what the world needs now is a massive Aretha comeback just like Whitney! Thanks to D-Listed for the fab picture and the inspiration for this post, check out their post of Aretha singing Mariah's 'Touch My Body', wonders never cease!

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Mike said...

What a fabulous post! I love all of these so called "misfires"!