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10 January 2009

Maniac Cop, 1988

Maniac Cop (1988)

Maniac Cop has it all, more explosions than your average Death Wish movie, a supernatural villain with as little to say as Jason Voorhees, and stunts and effects that the makes of Die Hard would have found it hard to pull off on this kind of budget. Every year I get at least one surprise gift at Christmas – and this year I got Maniac Cop and its stunning sequel, which I watched, back-to-back on Christmas Day. Only the classiest entertainment will do at Tat Parade HQ, and this year was no exception.

Bruce ‘Evil Dead’ Campbell stars as a newbie cop who uncovers that a former disgraced cop has returned from beyond the grave to exact revenge on those who sent him to jail where he was brutally murdered, in the showers of course! Richard ‘Shaft’ Roundtree even shows up as the stupid Police Chief who just won’t listen!

Quality entertainment like this is rare in the world of b-movies, for every shimmering slice of trash like this; there are a thousand piles of junk that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. I thoroughly recommend the sequel too, which in some respects is even better. Although, I think the original swings it for me. If you like car chases, people on fire, and your movies cheap and cheerful – you will love this! It was directed by William Lustig who did ‘Maniac’ in 1980 – another sleazy must-see trash classic, if you haven’t seen it. You know any film with the word ‘Manic’ in the title is going to be great anyway! Buy it now – on DVD.

Trailer - http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=KBD2_4cj7Io


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