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31 January 2009

So, we're a month through 2009 already

I can't believe we're less than an hour away from February 2009! So far the year has been pretty disastrous for the UK's economy, I think my upcoming US trip is going to finally get me banged up in the poor house - damn that exchange rate! But anyway - there have been a few delights in the trashy entertainment world to keep us, well me, entertained.

2009 has quickly established itself as the year La Toya Jackson went mainstream. Not only did the one time Grammy nominee and Greatest Playboy Centrefold of all time show up on Celebrity Big Brother, but she's also appeared on a few shows since and has an autobiography, and a reality show on E! or VH1 in the pipeline! Go Toy Toy! Toy soldiers across the world (all 10 of us) are wet with anticipation over what could be her most successful year ever! Although it has been 6 years since she showed u on Larry King Live at started this comeback, so it's about time!
Lady GaGa has provided the first decent number one the UK has had in years. I first heard her Just Dance in Chicago while I was on holiday and I thought rocked, it was played in between Kylie videos and selections from Hairspray, I was in seventh heaven... A zillion plays later, I could take a break from it, but GaGa's style over substance image is right up my alley. She was great on the Sunday Night Project a few weeks ago - good on her for singing live I say!

My Bloody Valentine 3D showed that while the horror genre may be completely bankrupt of any kind of originality in 2009, going old school really paid off at the box office and hopefully kick started a 3D comeback. I wish the Friday the 13th remake out next month was in 3D, I'd love Jason to come out of the screen and headbutt me with his hockey mask! Now that's what I call entertainment.

LaBelle's brilliant new single, Superlover, will keep me going into February, as will the miserable news and current affairs shows, and a lot of cheap wine (courtesy of the credit crunch). In other good news Dynasty is coming to DVD in the UK very soon - perhaps that will cheer everyone up as they soak up the opulence and fur-tastic delights of Alexis and Krystle all over again....


Brewster said...


So far ToyToy's Resurgence is the only bright spot in 2009!

Perhaps La Toya will be able to turn the global economy around somehow!

Mike said...

What a stunning selection of highlights! Toy Toy had better pull her finger out to cash in on her new found global fame!