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28 July 2009

Gloria Estefan Live in Liverpool (27 July 2009)

Yes, the Queen of the Conga was in the UK for one night only yesterday and I was lucky enough to catch this international treasure in action! Before I briefly review the show (you just know it was fantastic!!!) I have to say that I am a big fan of the magnificent Glo, ever since I was little I've admired her killer party tunes and her beautiful balladry, and of course her amazing outfits and hair-do's! I remember her Greatest Hits was one of the first CD's I 'forgot' to take back to the local library when I was very young, and getting dirty looks from my neighbours for playing You'll Be Mine (Party Time) at full blast when I was about 11 years old, those people had no soul! It goes without saying that Gloria (1998) is one of my all time favourite albums, ever!

Needless to say, said album was well represented last night, not only did she open with a storming rendition of Oye! But Heaven's What I Feel and I Just Wanna Be Happy featured prominently. God, even thinking about it is getting me in the mood for a Gloria afternoon! The legend amongst legends was in fabulous voice and even the Spanish songs were compelling, and I don't think you can get less Latin than bloody Liverpool! But somehow it all worked so well, probably due to Gloria's glory days as one of the world's biggest live acts. Times may have changed, and her popularity in the UK has careened in recent years, 2003's Unwrapped flopped as did 2007's Very Best Of. As such, this show wasn't that well attended, but that didn't matter to the thousands of fans who did turn out, or Gloria herself who gave it her all. Another highlight was I Wish You from Wrapped, as well as personal favourites Everlasting Love and I Love For Loving You, as well as all the hits you'd expect to hear - Anything for You and Don't Wanna Lose You, as well as Dr Beat, Rhythm Is Gonna Get You, and Conga, of course!

Gloria's trips to the UK may be few and far between, and increasingly fleeting, but I'd defy anyone to go to one of her shows and not come away full of energy and some great memories! 10/10!

Check out a clip of her tribute to Michael Jackson from last night


undisco_me said...

What was the setlist?

It's weird that Gloria! was her last proper dance campaign - I think I Just Wanna Be Happy and Don't Stop were the obvious 2nd and 3rd singles, they were sensational efforts.

Cuts Both Ways is her masterpiece: Oye Mi Canto is just gorgeous and the english lyrics are very sad and sincere.

Jamie_movietrip said...

Rhythm Is Gonna Get You
One Day In YouR Life (Tribute to Michael Jackson)
Let's get loud
Anything For You
Don't Wanna Lose You
Everlasting Love
Heaven's What I Feel
No Llores
I Wish You
Oye Mi Canto (Hear My Voice)
Coming Out Of The Dark
Cuba Libre
Turn the Beat Around
Live for Loving You
You'll Be Mine (Party Time)
Dr Beat
Get on Your Feet
Just wanna be happy

Quite a few Spanish songs too which I wouldn't even pretend to be able to spell!!! Maybe like 4 or 5, she was on for over 2 hrs. Her daughter came on for awhile and played drums and guitar to Play That Funky Music, which her band sang.