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29 July 2009

Trog (1970)

I first read about this legendary crap classic in The Official Razzie Movie Guide, which is a great read if you're interested in this fascinating sub-genre.

Oscar winner and Mommie Dearest herself, Joan Crawford stars as a anthropologist who attempts to train and tame the unfortunately named, Trog, which is short for troglodyte if you hadn't guessed. A tragic prehistoric creature who has been frozen for millions of years, only to be uncovered by some scantily clad zoology students. Dr Joan thinks that Trog is the missing link and tries to protect him from the justifiably anxious locals. Armed with her trusty proto gun (which shoots tranquiliser darts) she spends the next 80 mins chasing after Trog as he inevitably escapes and kills people.

I really enjoyed Trog, yes the plot and sets are woeful, and Trog's costume and makeup 'effects' are worse than you'd see on even the most shoddy 1970's episode of Doctor Who. Nevertheless I think it's got a lot of charm, and Joan really gives it all she's got (this was her last movie!). Some people say she was pissed when she made this, but whatever! She still had it, although the outfits will make the more fashion conscious viewer wince as each one is worse than the last! Trog is a perfect afternoon no-brainer and it's funny as hell to boot - recommended.

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undisco_me said...

This has been on my want list for ages. I've seen Strait-Jacket: even that's bizarre (and out-performed Davis' Dead Ringer), she never stopped giving Oscar winning performances.