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01 February 2009

The Seduction, 1982

Morgan Fairchild, star of stage and screen, former nominee for head of the Screen Actors Guild of America, and queen of Direct to Video, stars in The Seduction. Morgan plays Jamie Douglas, the most famous news anchorwoman, probably ever! Jamie has everything a young woman in the 80's could possibly want: the waviest hair; the biggest shoulderpads; a stunning home with a jacuzzi positioned just so everyone can see her bathe nude, she has it all! That is until her life changes forever when a crazed stalker named Derek (Andrew Stevens) forces his way into her life.

Derek follows Jamie everywhere and not even her boyfriend can keep her safe. He shows up at work, at her home, at the mall, everywhere. The police won't help her, and Derek has started killing people. Jamie has to take the law into her own hands to protect herself and use everything she can including her body to stop deranged Derek.

The Seduction plays more like a sleazy 90's made for TV thriller, than an 80's motion picture. It actually had a theatrical release, but it was obviously made mainly with the booming video market in mind. It is pure trash from start to finish. It even opens with out heroine relaxing in her jacuzzi, topless of course!

It's the kind of movie you'd expect be be on TV very late at night. There's not much suspense to be honest and this is far from a good, or even well made movie. The pacing, especially toward the end is atrocious. It's the multi-Razzie nominated performance of Morgan Fairchild that really makes this one stand out on the top shelf. Morgan's star turn in this movie will make your evening.

The worst offender in the bad acting stakes is fellow Razzie nominee Colleen Camp, whose horrendous portrayal of Jamie's streetwise best friend, Robin, will make even the most hardened b-movie fan wince. One of her finest lines:

"You know honey, this romeo of yours is a heart run completely amok. If you got into bed with him he'd probably screw you to death!"

Just wait until Morgan has to use her charms to protect herself, its just b-movie heaven. The Anchor Bay DVD release is amazing, the quality is brilliant, as always. The only downside is that Morgan herself doesn't appear in any of the interviews or on the commentary.

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