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15 March 2009

Falcon Crest on DVD!

Dynasty seasons 1 and 2 debuted on DVD last week in the UK. May 2009 will see the very first release of Falcon Crest in the world when Season 1 is released on DVD in Germany! In these early episodes we are introduced the the Channings and the Gioberti's - two sides to a family with their roots firmly in the wine making industry. Mighty matriarch, Angela Channing (Oscar winning actress Jane Wyman) finds her empire in jeopardy when her brother is killed in a tragic accident, and his estranged son Chase and his family come to the Tuscany Valley to pay their respects and collect their inheritance. 9 whole seasons of schemes, swindles, murders, Nazi plots, incarcerations, shoulderpads, and bucket loads of fine wine and fine episodes finally came to an end in 1990 after an ill-advised revamp, clipped Falcon Crest's wings for the final time.

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