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28 March 2009

Kirsty MacColl - Walking Down Madison (1991)

I've been wearing out my 12" single of this gem all week. I love it when random British singers embraced more contemporary sounds to attract the 'yoof' - and this is one of the finest examples, perhaps only second to Sinead O'Connor's single with MC Lyte. Kirsty looked great in this video, I particularly like her orange sweater. The track is taken from her Top 20 album Electric Landlady, which sadly doesn't have any other songs like Walking Down Madison on it. The single made #23 in May 1991 and was her final hit single. It even sparked a little interest Stateside where it did well on rock radio stations.

"It was quite an observational song, I really did see a beaming boy from Harlem, even if it wasn't on Madison. It's a nod to Bob Marley, it's I shot the sheriff, really isn't it! That idea of being pulled for something you may or may not have done, and that you're more likely to get pulled if you look a certain way." (Taken from an interview in the Guardian: 1991)

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