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26 March 2009

Lita Ford

Lita was a guitarist with girl group The Runaways before starting a solo career in the mid-80's, while ever popular with metal fans and teenage boys, Lita didn't have any big hits in the UK, nevertheless her some of her fabulous singles are well worth a look.

Of particular interest are her popier singles like Kiss Me Deadly, Shot Of Poison, and Playing With Fire, the latter two from her album Dangerous Curves which I am enjoying at the moment. As well as being pretty hot, Lita's rough vocals work perfectly with thw trashy rock of Kiss Me Deadly, her crossover hit in the US, which was from the Mike Chapman produced LP 'Lita', which while a bit slow for my tastes (let's not even go into that duet with Ozzy Osbourne, Sharon was her manager!), has a few decent songs. Stilletto followed in 1990 and the singles Hungry and Lisa (which while not as pop as the one's I picked out, are still pretty decent).

Dangerous Curves is pretty fab, the original version of Shot Of Poison reminds me of Heart and Playing With Fire packs a punch without being deafening. The album is pretty solid overall and has some great rock out moments, although sometimes Lita's voice stuggles a bit, her guitar action and killer bangs never let up she can be forgiven. Lita took many years out but is planning a massive tour and a new CD very soon, she currently lives on an island with her husband and kids, no doubt looking amazing and belting out her hits to the natives as I type.

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