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15 March 2009

Kelly Llorenna - Dress You Up

Queen of Clubland - Kelly Llorenna, is back on the pop scene with her new single, Dress You Up. The single is a cover of Madonna's 1985 hit single. Kelly takes the 80's gem and gives it a polished makeover embellished with a hard europop beat and her usual gutsy delivery. The remixes vary in quality with the Radio Edit and Extended Mix being the major players, the rest are really quite sub par. It's a real shame as this could've had a wonderful set of mixes, if only AATW Records would shell out for them!

The video is quite lovely and Kelly looks absolutely stunning as she shows off a variety of outfits, I'm so glad she didn't dance this time too, and where do I get one of those 'KL' bags! I really hope this does well as Kelly has really struggled to find a fan base in recent years, her lowest point being I Will Love Again, her 2006 single bombing on the charts, crashing and burning at #114! Ouch! Tat Parade is firmly behind Kelly's comeback! Bring on that second album...

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Mike said...

Good grief! I've just died and gone to heaven. I need this foul trash. Long live Queen Kelly!