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08 May 2009

May 2009

How the hell is it May already! I'm already in a summery mood and have my holiday all sorted, except for the all important holiday tunes to keep me entertained for my 10 hour flight to Texas (if swine flu doesn't set in before I get there). These two gems are likely to be on heavy rotation on my journey.

First up, Paula Abdul is back!!! Her new single I'm Just Here For The Music (the Kylie song), is hotter than any weather we'll be getting in the UK this year that's for sure. Paula knows what her true fans want, funky dance-pop and a set of moves to knock-off on the dancefloor. I'm Just Here For The Music truly delivers the goods. I cannot wait for the full album!

From the sublime to the ridiculous, while reading the Guardian today I read about this group of trash-bag ho's and I just couldn't resist checking them out. The Dolly Rocker's debut single Je Suis Une Dolly makes early 80's Bananarama seem like a slick stage-school pop act, this is pop at it's trashiest and most hilarious. They could be the next Vanilla!

Ladyhawke is releasing Back Of The Van as a single next week too, with new remixes to boot, which I can't wait for, apparently it's been getting some airplay, I heard Dusk Till Dawn down the pub last night too, right after Kirsty MacColl's stunning 90's gem Walking Down Madison, I think the owners must be reading this blog!

A quick movie mention too - I saw Star Trek last night! I'll put my hands up and admit that I have been known to frequent the odd convention (sans uniform and pointy ears, or Captain Janeway bun, before anyone asks), I expected this new movie to be crap, in all honesty I thought I would hate it. Much like The Wrath of Khan, The Voyage Home, and 1998's First Contact, this one goes for a more commercial action/comedy appoach, which as worked so well in the past. The faces may be new, but the fresh cast really make their mark on their first outing, despite the somewhat contrived story. The effects are just amazing too. Leave your brain and background knowledge at the door and you'll have a great time. Here's to many more.

Star Trek Top 10!

First Contact
The Voyage Home
Wrath of Khan
Star Trek (2009)
The Search For Spock
The Motion Picture
The Final Frontier


Remembering: Majel Roddenberry as Lwaxana Troi...


Mike said...

The Dolly Rockers are amazing but Paula is vile. She's like a fat, old version of Little One copying Kylie with everything she does. Desperate.

LOL at your Star Trek admissions. Classy!

undisco_me said...

Oddly, it's now Paula who looks better than Kylie.. I always thought Kylie's original sounded a bit too similar to Dannii's 'Put The KY ON It'.