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26 May 2009

A-Z OF TAT (2)

C is for Cher

There is not much to say about the incomparable Cher that hasn’t been said a zillion times. You don’t have to be into pop trash to like Cher, but of course it does add an extra dimension to her brilliance, those 70's costumes, Hell On Wheels? She’s just so enjoyable on so many levels and I think that’s the key to her longevity, her low points are even the stuff of envy for most of the wannabe pop queens on this blog. Apart from my personal favourite singles such as Save Up All Your Tears and One By One, Heart of Stone I think is probably my favourite of the albums I own. Cher also has some great dance mixes, check out the mid-90’s ones, especially the ones for One By One and even Walking In Memphis. She’s currently in residence at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, be sure to catch her show, if you haven’t seen her before!

iPod essentials: all the hits!
CD: Very Best of Cher (2001)

D is for Dayne, Taylor Dayne

Taylor is an amazing vocalist and I have already sung the praises of her album Can’t Fight Fate this year. Her tough as old boots vocals rip their way through even the hardest house beats and leave the vast majority of her contemporaries looking bland and soulless by comparison. Tell It To My Heart is still to this day one of the most popular 80’s dance tracks, but sadly Taylor’s star has faded and she’s been relegated to the US dance charts and playing carnivals and casinos. But no matter! Taylor’s recent material such as her collaboration with Manny Lehman, I’m Not Featuring You, as well as 1998’s dance floor shredding anthem Naked Without You, are a testament to her greatness.

I think this video is great, obviously someone thought that Taylor's fabulous Original Sin deserved a better movie than the crappy Shadow to provide a theme to, so now it's got something to do with Star Wars! This Jim Steinmen produced epic should've been Taylor's Total Eclipse Of The Heart, it goes without saying that the Nicki French version would've been amazing. Great editing on this clip too...

iPod essentials: Tell It To My Heart, Every Beat Of My Heart, I’ll Be Your Shelter, Up All Night, I’ll Wait (Hot Mix), Original Sin, Naked Without You (Thunderpuss Mix), I’m Not Featuring You.

CD: I guess the best compilation is still 1995’s Greatest Hits (Arista), but Can’t Fight Fate is also a must.

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