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26 May 2009

Teena Marie returns!

Teena Marie is perhaps best known for her early 80's Motown hits Don't Look Back and Behind The Groove, as well as Ooh La La La, which was sampled by the Fugees. But, throughout the 80's Teena recorded a stunning collection of funk and soul gems which really do stand out from the crowd. She took a break but returned with a contemporary R&B sound for Gold selling album La Dona, followed up a few years later with Sapphire, which wasn't quite as good. Now she's back again! The lead single from her new album Congo Square is a duet with Faith Evans. It took a few spins but I really like it, Teena is going for a more jazz influenced sound and although wholly unnecessary, Faith Evans is a good singer, so she can't really go wrong. The album is out June 9. Teena also has some tour dates coming up - I'm hoping to see her in Philadelphia at the West Oak Lane Festival.


Mike said...

I worship Teena Marie and I'm so happy to have her back. This song isn't exactly what I've come to expect from Teena but it's still FIERCE!

Jamie_movietrip said...

I don't think she does dance mixes, but what the Soulseekerz couldn't do with this, wouldn't be worth doing! Fingers crossed for some low rent bootlegs from the usual sad acts.