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30 May 2009

Ruby Turner (Live)

I saw the amazing Ruby Turner last night at a local theatre. As well as singing her more recent blues and gospel inspired material, Ruby found time to perform some of her old singles including an emotional and somewhat 'extended' take on I'd Rather Go Blind and If You're Ready (Come Go With Me), perhaps her most popular single from 1986, provided a much demanded encore. The whole evening was superb, and even though she stuck to mostly mid-tempo material - there wasn't one boring song all night. Ruby's voice was on top form and she gave it her all, in spite of the somewhat archaic sound equipment that she was provided with. Her gospel stuff from her new album I'm Travelling On was just brilliant, she also said she hoped to release a single soon! I'd thoroughly recommend her live show to anyone.

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Mike said...

Sounds amazing! I'd love to see Ruby live!