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25 May 2009


A is for Abdul, Paula Abdul!

Paula is best known these days her for countless seasons on TV karaoke contest, American Idol. But back in the day she was a dance/pop icon with global hits like Opposites Attract, Straight Up and the sublime Rush Rush. But in the 90’s things went horribly wrong for Paula. Despite releasing probably her most sophisticated and sexy single to date, My Love Is For Real, her third studio album was D.O.A.. Since then there have been TV movies, a tween dance school, a couple of TV shows – including 2007’s loopy tour-de-force Just Paula, which saw the loveable TV talent show judge breakdown when she was forced out of Bratz: The Movie! Two hot singles followed that hot mess; Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow and I’m Just Here For The Music! A new album is due soon.

Every iPod needs: Straight Up, Forever Your Girl, Rush Rush, My Love Is For Real (& the Strike remix!), Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow.

CD: Straight Up - Greatest Hits (2008)

B is for Bananarama

From their early hits such as Really Saying Something to their SAW powerhouse gems like Venus and I Heard A Rumour, these girls paved the way for every girl group that came after. Things looked rosy for Bananarama at the end of the 80’s, despite losing Sibohan Fahey, they had a big Greatest Hits collection and a successful tour under their belts. However, the 90’s turned out not to be so kind to the trio. They ditched the Hit Factory in favour of a hipper sound for their album Pop Life, but despite some good reviews the album wasn’t a success. By 1993 thy were down to a duo and things only got worse, and tripe like 1995’s Ultra Violet and the dreadful French-only Exotica in 2001 did nothing to endear them to anyone who still retained their auditory senses. Things have got a lot better for the Nana’s in recent years, 2005 saw them enjoy two pop hits with Move In My Direction and Look On The Floor, two slick pop gems from their album Drama. The girls are working on an album of disco covers for a new label which they will showcase when they headline Manchester Pride in August.

Every iPod needs: Cruel Summer, Venus, I Heard A Rumour, I Can’t Help It, Preacher Man, More More More, Look On The Floor!

CD: The Very Best of Bananarama (2001), Drama (2005)

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