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06 April 2008

Ana - Shy Boys

This girly club track is just too perfect. A nice combination of sweet and rough vocals from the lovely Ana. I found this one for $1.00 on my last Vegas vacation (yes, even on holiday I can't resist a good rummage through the bargain bins). This is the 12" mix by Shep Pettibone. Check out Nasty G's Isle of Deserted Pop Stars if you'd like to hear some more of Ana!

224kbps, mp3, vinyl rip.
Shy Boys (Special 12" Club Mix)


Nasty G said...

I didn't realize that you started this blog up again! Excellent! I have now linked you!! I love rare 12"s! (I was also thinking of featuring Elisa in the future...)

Mike said...

Jamie, I'm loving this new blog. Keep up the good work!!

PS. Can I request some Sheena Easton 12" vinyls?


Jamie_movietrip said...

G, I hope you post some Elisa! I am obessesed with 80's mixes. I decided to start up again when I got a new turntable that I can plug into my laptop - it's so much easier and better!

Hi Mike, I will try and post some Sheena! I wonder what the lazy mare is up to. I want another Fabulous!

VARANO said...

Man, Thanks for this, Is ages I Was Looking for the 12'', just one correction, this is the Jellybean Mix, Not Shep pettibone!!
Thanks again!