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06 April 2008

La Toya Jackson Blog

I've rarely been more excited by a blog, Theo's La Toya Jackson French Fan Blog, is perhaps the greatest site in the Blogosphere. I do not even need to know a word of French to appreciate it's greatness, it not only has some funky La Toya cartoons, it also features some seriously sexy photoshopped pictures to delight you. Not since my very own Church of La Toya has such a perfect tribute been made to the thinking man's Jackson!

If you've lived in a cave for the past 30 years, here's one of La Toya's greatest misses, you will not be disapointed.

192kbps, mp3, CD rip
Just Wanna Dance [2004]

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T. said...

wow! thanks 4 the comment, I just discover your article... about me somehow! As you can see my blog is now in english (caus I like this language) hope you'll enjoy the new logo & stuffs on my blog!