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09 April 2008

Donna Summer - I'm A Fire

Donna Summer's first club single from her brand new album Crayons is sitting atop the Billboard Hot 100 Dance/Club Play Chart. This makes her the only artist to ever score #1 hits in the 70's, 80's, 90's, and 00's! Donna has long been a favourite of mine, the first thing I bought with my very first paycheque was a her 2CD Anthology. I am so glad she's enjoying the success she deserves once again. Her first pop/AC single Stamp Your Feet is coming out soon and it is just brilliant. Make sure you legally download the singles if they're available in your country. We want our old divas back!! The album Crayons will be released in May via Burgandy Records.

Here are some of Donna's #1 Dance/Club Hits

1975 - Love To Love You Baby
1976 - Four Seasons Of Love (complete LP)
1977 - Try Me I Know We Can Make It
1978 - I Feel Love / Love's Unkind / I Remember Yesterday / Take Me (EP)
1978 - Once Upon A Time (complete LP)
1978 - McArthur Park Suite
1979 - Bad Girls
1979 - Hot Stuff
1980 - No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) (duet with Barbra Streisand)
1994 - Melody Of Love (Wanna Be Loved)
1999 - I Will Go With You
1999 - Love Is A Healer
2008 - I'm A Fire

This Time I Know It's For Real was also a #1 Dance/Maxi Single in 1989.

Check out I'm A Fire (Solitaire Radio Mix) (224kbps mp3)
http://sharebee.com/2383dedf (thanks to mixaholic for this link I 'borrowed')


Mike said...

"I'm A Fire" has really grown on me but I LOVE "Stamp Your Feet". Can't wait for "Crayons"!!

Jamie_movietrip said...

Me neither, I have high hopes for it. It can't be any worse than 'Mistaken Idenity' which was just horrible. She seems to accept her fate of being one of the greatest dance divas now, whereas with that album I think she tried so hard not to be Donna Summer, with just hideous results! I do like 'Work That Magic' though, well the remix version anyway.