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06 April 2008

Deborah Harry - Two Times Blue (Clubstar Mix)

The first batch of mixes to one were not up my alley. However, one can always rely on Clubstar, a staple of any AATW Records release in recent years, to produce the goods. This takes Deb's original melancholy rock track and injects it with a the kind of stuff you can only find on Wigan Pier on a Staurday night. This is just amazing, what a relief after the dirge that the Soulseekerz and Stonebridge came up with. The original speed of the vocal is maintained on this one and the results are just stunning. Considering how badly the album, Necessary Evil, has done there is little chance of a proper second single. For me, this mix, is one of the best things to come out of the whole project.

224kbps mp3, CD Rip
Two Times Blue (Clubstar Mix)

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