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10 April 2008

Deni Hines - Joy

This was one of a few singles Deni Hines released in the UK. A national treasure in her native Australia, Deni stormed the UK charts in the late 90's with no less than two Top 40 singles (and a couple of near misses). Amongst them this absolute gem of a track, Joy. As if the original version wasn't brilliant enough, the single features a fabulous club mix by Eric Kupper. This amazing package managed a pretty shabby #47 on our chart, it was also a Top 20 dance hit in America. This should've been massive though, it's absolutely perfect if the crappy weather is getting you down or if you're in the mood for a great pop song.

Joy (Radio Edit & Eric Kupper Mix), 192kbps, mp3, CD rip.


Mike said...

Queen Deni!!!

I love all her singles actually but "Joy" is one of the best. I'm still laughing at the rumours about her attacking cheerleaders and ruining poor Ricki-Lee's wedding! LOL

Ddé said...

File Not Found!!!