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03 February 2009

All 'Star' Tribute to Patti LaBelle!

Poor Patti, nothing prepares you for the true horror of today's 'hottest' stars paying tribute to legend of legends, Miss Patti LaBelle on ABC's 'All Star Tribute' to Patti LaBelle, how Miss Patti held herself back from getting up there and putting these sorry excuses for 'divas' out of their misery is a testament to her undying good nature and professionalism. This was due to air in January in BET, from the lack of video clips I think all of those involved would prefer to forget about it...

Tat Parade sticks two fingers up to:

Fantastia Barrino's annihilation of 'Somebody Loves You Baby'
Jennifer Hudson lame attempt at 'Stir It Up'
Chrisette Michelle's (who?) appalling attempt at 'New Attitude'
Le Toya Luckett's slightly better than dire 'When You Talk About Love'

Tat Parade isn't offended by:

Yolanda Addams take on 'You'll Never Walk Alone'

1 comment:

Mike said...

These whores can all fuck off. None of them are fit to wipe Patti's glorious arsehole!