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08 February 2009

Lisa Lampanelli

I just had the pleasure of watching Lisa's HBO special All Hail The Queen, her first for the network. I remember being leant a copy of her low-budget Queen of Mean DVD awhile ago now, and thought she was amazing. I'd never seen a white girl come out with some of the things she said! Lisa's brand of insult comedy is a breath of fresh air, particularly in these politically correct times. I don't think I can include any of Lisa's jokes in this post. They generally consist of taking the piss out of members of her audience and making fun of different races. I'd love to see her come over to the UK, I think there would be a public outcry! I think she's great and she's looking fab!

Video - All Hail the Queen (2009) - Part 1


Mike said...

She sounds right up my alley. I'll have to check her out!

Tommy said...

My god, you're updating like nobody's business now! I have so much to catch up on!! Anyway, I love Lisa Lampanelli. I dunno if they're still on YouTube, but she totally killed on the Comedy Central roasts!

Fat Bastard said...

What a slut I love her. I want to marry her and so does my skinny blog partner Proud FA.