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14 February 2009

New Singles!!

As 2009 seems to be in full swing here ‘s a stunning selection of upcoming singles that come with a TAT PARADE stamp of approval. All singles are available from http://www.7digital.com/ – which I love! DRM free and cheap!*

Kelly Llorenna – Dress You Up*
Sweet Jesus, the real Queen of Clubs is back, doing what she does best. Yes, Queen K-Lo has blessed Madonna’s 1985 hit with her angelic vocals and her inimitable dance style! It’s exactly what fans have come to expect from Kelly over the years, and it doesn’t disappoint. I think K-Lo would be best off releasing an album of her favourite 80’s songs at this stage, what does she have to lose! I can’t wait for the donk mixes!
Audio - http://www.aatw.com/audio.php?id=856

Saint Etienne – Method Of Modern Love
This is just a gorgeous slice of summery synth pop, produced by Richard X, for their Best Of compilation, London Conversations, which is out next week, in standard 2CD, and deluxe 2CD + DVD + Book editions! Oh my! If only all their songs were as great as this. As for the single, a physical edition can be bought on their web site – the best buy being the 2 CD, Ltd 7” and exclusive mp3 bundle, which at £5.50 is good value. For the casual fan there are remixes from 59p from 7digital, it looks like this will be a Top 40 hit too which is pretty amazing since it’s got no airplay and no video!
Audio - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAvW96CO_Jw

Ace of Base – Wheel Of Fortune 2009
Good god this is pure trash! I had pretty much forgotten all about Ace of Base until I was in a club while on holiday and they played a 10 minute video megamix of their greatest hits, and I knew every single one of them! This 2009 remix of Wheel of Fortune, by Karl Johan Råsmark is the lead single for a new Greatest Hits package - Greatest Hits, Classic Remixes and Music Videos. I see I am a few months late with this one, but I don’t care, it says 2009 so it’ll do! The single seems to have been released digitally at the end of last year too little attention. I remember when I was a little boy I'd go over to my friends house and we'd listen to her Ace of Base taps, oh the joy!
Video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DE-ff4a6nqc
Ladyhawke – Paris Is Burning
Yes, again! Currently getting airplay at last, although I go on charts alone, I don’t listen to the radio anymore. I loved this one since it came out the first time and the album is hot, I love Magic the best. I do hope Paris Is Burning does well this time around; it made #61 last July. Not sure if the re-release will have any new mixes but it’s out 2 March 2009. If you haven’t heard it think trendy indie pop meets Blondie’s Heart of Glass.
Video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1HDZNR9cY4

Private – My Secret Lover*
More trash from AATW – this one is quite interesting though, it’s obviously something they’ve licensed, as they couldn’t come up with something as catchy as this themselves – this has an early 80’s disco/R&B sound, which I love. I’m sure they’ll have it turned into a Cascada tribute by now, but as it stands this is ace!
Video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UadiCPaVHUU

Pet Shop Boys – Love, etc*
This collaboration with the vile Xenomania is grea, I'm shocked! I’ve never been a major fan, but they have no doubt done some amazing work, and this is another great single to add to their list. Xenomania are still the anti-Christ though, just thinking of their chavvy productions of the past few years makes me wretch. Anyway Love, etc is out at the end of March with a new album. I hope it has some trashy club mixes to accompany it, check out some of the lyrics:

(Don't have to buy)
A house in Beverly Hills
(Don't have to have)
Your daddy paying the bills
(Don't have to live)
A life of power and wealth
(Don't have to be)
Beautiful but it helps

You need more

Than a big blank check to be a lover, or
A gulf stream jet to fly you door to door
Somewhere chic on another shore
You need more (6x)
You need love (3x)

Too much of anything is never enough

Too much of everything is never enough

*Not yet available for download.

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