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28 February 2009

Donna Allen - Can We Talk [Remixes] 1988

A quick post before my February roundup; Donna Allen's C&C remixes of Can We Talk, the second single from her Heaven On Earth album from 1988. This was the follow up to her Top 10 hit Joy and Pain, and it bombed! I think the mixes are pretty good, nothing special, but a nice addition to her catalogue of pretty decent R&B/Pop, it's a shame she never had any longevity as pop act as she has a great voice and a couple of memorable hits with Serious (#8) and Joy and Pain (#10).

1. Can We Talk (Radio Remix) (3:30)
2. Can We Talk (Club Mix) (6:07)
3. Can We Talk (Dub Mix) (4:32)
4. Come For Me (4:26)

Download the full CD single

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Anonymous said...

hi, is there any chance of a repost of the CD single please, it would be gratefuully appreciated!