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18 February 2009

Tat Parade's Alterative Brit Awards!

Tonight ITV and Sony BMG, sorry I mean the British Music Industry will celebrate the past 12 months in music. The dismal prospect of Duffy Winehouse and Coldplay being bestowed with yet more awards has inspired me to create my very own equally biased and unrepresentative awards showcase of all the acts I've enjoyed over the last year (and a bit)!

Best British Solo Act - Kelly Llorenna

Who else could possibly win this, the most prestigious of my awards, Kelly has had four singles in the pipeline over the past twelve months of so; her chav-tastic take on Keep Love Together, her mindblowing 90's house tribute Sweetest Day Of May, Nothing Lasts Forever - a brand new single with N-Trance, and Dress You Up her latest assault on the dancefloors of the UK. Lest we forget her amazing take on Donna Summer's Hot Stuff for the seminal 'Gay Days Vol. 5'.

My liking for my own country's music ends here.

International Album - Cyndi Lauper - Bring Ya To The Brink

2008 was the year Cyndi returned to the UK on a successful tour, and while her album wasn't a hit, it was still damn good. Her new dance sound wowed fans everywhere and the single Into The Nightlife was an instant word of mouth hit.

International Single - Kylie Minogue - Wow

The title says it all.

International Solo Act - Donna Summer

With three fantastic singles rocking dance clubs - I'm A Fire, Stamp Your Feet, and Fame (The Game) rocking dancefloors, ummm, somewhere, Donna proved that she was still as relevant today as she was 10 years ago, go Donna!

International Group - Alphabeat

Alphabeat were a breath of fresh air and one of the few acts here that actually got any airplay. Hits like Fascination, Ten Thousand Nights, and Boyfriend (that Pete Hammond Mix was amazing) proved that pure pop was alive and well in 2008, without any help from Xenomania!

Critics Choice - Ladyhawke

Perhaps the only critically acclaimed act on the list, Ladyhawke did retro without being pretentious. Influenced by 80's rock and electro, Ladyhawke may not have sold bucket loads or records, but she was great! My Delerium was my favourite of the singles, released in December.

Producers Award - Greg Kurstin

For his amazing work with Donna Summer and Kylie over the last twelve months, brilliant stuff!

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Mike said...

I concur with everything except Donna's album which drove me to alcoholism! Praise the heavens that Kelly's genius has finally been acknowledged X