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15 January 2007

Assassination, 1987

STARRING: Charles Bronson (Killion)

Popular leading man of the 80’s action genre.

Jill Ireland (One Mama)

Bronson’s real life wife, co-starred with him in many of his movies including Death Wish 2.

PLOT: There’s a new first lady in the White House and our hero, Killian, is assigned to protect her. It’s clear from the get-go that the pair love to hate each other but Killian vows to protect her. Of course someone is out to kill the first lady, who is it and why are they after the first lady? Only Bronson is smart enough to work out why with the help of a small artillery and the kind of experience that only starring in 10 other movies just like this one can give you.

No sex, violence, some language, 15/R

THOUGHTS: Now I like my Bronson movies. As a very undemanding viewer with a taste for cheap thrills and a very short attention span Bronson provides only the very best in tacky action entertainment. This, however, is the poorest of his 80’s movies for Cannon. The script is even worse than usual and Jill Ireland is absolutely wretched as One Mama!

There were two great scenes though. The first is when we see Killian’s thoroughly westernised Chinese female partner at home, naturally sporting full on oriental dress! She did all but bow to him, I swear! The second worthwhile scene involved Killian (65 year old Bronson) suddenly boarding a motorcycle complete with rocket launcher and all manner of other no doubt illegally obtained accessories! There are explosions and everything. It’s obvious that the entire budget went on that one scene and the one where they blow up a yacht. For Bronson fanatics only.


Since I stole a picture from the Imperial Club, visit their Assassination page and download lots of videos featuring the Chrysler car used in the movie.

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