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15 January 2007

Body Beat, 1988

aka Dance Academy

STARRING: Tony Dean Fields (Moon)

Popular dancer on the TV series Solid Gold in the 80's, he died in 1995.

Julie Newmar (Miss McKenzie)

Golden Globe nominated actress, perhaps most popular for her role as Catwoman in the hit 60's Batman TV show.

PLOT: In order to keep her classical dancing school open Miss McKenzie needs to get funding by introducing modern dance classes at the school. She is forced to employ ex-con Moon as a teacher. Moon is cool rebellious type who impresses all the kids with his smart moves and style. Moon knows Miss McKenzie will do all that she can to have his classes closed down so he stages a show to prove to the school board the great things his class can do.

No sex, no violence, a little bad language, 15/PG-13

THOUGHTS: I made movies at college that were better than this! Where to start! You would think that it would be the kids and extras that really dragged this pitiful excuse for a movie into the gutter. But no, it's the wretched performance phoned in by ex-screen queen Newmar that really bites. This movie is also incredibly cheap and looks like it was taped on a video someone from the crew stole from Poundland, rather than film.

The songs are also terrible! Where did these kids come from? It certainly wasn't a talent agency! You'll also notice that the 'stunning' performance at the end of the movie wasn't even mentioned, never mind rehearsed in the previous 90mins! That said, some of it is pretty funny, especially the scene where Moon tried to justify why he is the teacher and they are the students by bustin' a few moves! Pure comedy gold!

I have the sequel 'War Dancing' somewhere, I can only imagine the horror that awaits.

CAN I BUY IT? It had a very small UK direct to video release in 1988, I have seen it once, although I had already imported my VHS. It was more widely available on VHS in the US.

Since I stole the above picture of Julie Newmar please visit Stomp Tokyo's wonderful review of Body Beat

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