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15 January 2007

Evil Aliens, 2006

CAST: Emily Booth (Michelle Fox)

Samuel Butler (as Ricky)

Peter McNeil O'Connor (as Jack)

Jamie Honeybourne (as Gavin)

Jodie Shaw (as Candy Vixen)

Nick Smithers (as Bruce Burton)

And Norman Lovett as Howard Marsden

PLOT: The presenter of a UFO TV show is given an ultimatum, either she boosts her ratings or she's fired. She travels with her crew to a remote Welsh island where a woman has claimed she was raped by an alien.

Sex, nudity, graphic violence, gore, frequent drug use, very bad language.

THOUGHTS: For a British movie this is excellent. There are plenty of playful references to classic horror movies like Alien, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Dawn Of The Dead and Braindead, not to mention TV series such as V and Star Trek. There's a lot here to please gore fans as it's set on a farm. We see a buxom blonde attacking the evil aliens with a strimmer, and my particular favourite scene where one of the crew butchers the aliens with a combine harvester - I think you can guess the 'inspirational music' he plays to accompany the slaying. While this is no means a film for everyone, and it does drag a little in places, it's very enjoyable and sure to become a cult favourite.


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