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14 January 2007

Based On An Untrue Story, 1993

CREW: Jim Drake (Director)

The director of Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol, that might give you an idea of the tone of this made for TV movie.

STARRING: Morgan Fairchild (Satin Chow)

Ever popular star of stage and screen! Perhaps most famous for her roles on the hit TV series' Flamingo Road and Falcon Crest. Most recently Morgan starred alongside Bo Derek on the TV series Fashion House, so far the biggest hit from new US network My Network TV.

Dyan Cannon (Varda Gray)

Academy Award nominated actress and director. Most recently she has regularly appeared in TV series' such as Ally McBeal and the short lived Three Sisters.

Ricki Lake (Velour)

Most famous for her Emmy winning daytime talk show which ran from 1993-2002.

Victoria Jackson (Courdroy)

Jackson appeared on over 100 episodes of Saturday Night Live from 1985-1992.

Also starring Michael St. Gerrard and Dan Hedaya.


Satin Chow (Fairchild) is about to unveil her brand new perfume 'Puppy'. While attending the 'first whiff' she faints and is diagnosed with a rare condition called 'anosemia'. She needs an old factory nerve transplant which can only come from a blood relative. Unfortunately it transpires that her only living relatives, Mr & Mrs Chow, are not really her parents at all. She's adopted!!!

With the clock ticking she must find her long lost sisters and undergo the transplant before its too late.

No sex, no nudity, no violence, no bad language. 15/PG-13

THOUGHTS: A brilliant made TV screwball comedy that parodies the formulaic disease of the week movies that plague US television. Fairchild is excellent as always. If you enjoy movies that are incredibly silly and melodramatic you'll love this. Watch out for Ricki Lake'sterrible performance as Fairchild's incarcerated sister Velour, Grrrr!

TRIVIA: Ricki Lake & Michael St. Gerrard both appeared in John Waters' Hairspray in 1988 as loved-up teens battling social injustice in 1960's Baltimore.

VIDEO: Satin visits her business partner, Varda Gray -- watch it here.

VIDEO: Disater strikes at the all important 'first whiff' -- watch it here.

VIDEO: Satin is confronted with the awful truth, she may never smell again -- watch it here.

VIDEO: Satin meets Velour in the state pen. -- watch it here.

CAN I BUY IT? It was released direct to video in the UK on Fox Home Video, it was also released on VHS in the US.

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