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17 January 2007

A Dirty Shame, 2004

CREW: John Waters (Director)

STARRING: Tracey Ullman (Sylvia Stickles)

Popular comedienne and actress, perhaps best known for her impersonations and sketch shows on TV.

Johnny Knoxville (Ray Ray)

Knoxville is the star of MTV’s Jackass.

Selma Blair (Caprice Stickles aka Ursula Udders)

Blair became a popular leading actress after starring in 1998’s Cruel Intentions. Since then she has made several hit movies including The Sweetest Thing and Hellboy.

With Chris Isaak, Suzanne Shepherd, Mink Stole, Patricia Hearst, Jackie Hoffman and cameos by David Hasselhoff & Ricki Lake.

PLOT: Sylvia Stickles (Ullman) is a conservative suburban housewife who works in the family store. One day on her way to work she suffers a head injury that ignites her desires for wild oral sex. She meets Ray Ray (Knoxville) a sexual healer who introduces her to other sex addicts just like her.

Sex, nudity, bad language, 18/NC-17

THOUGHTS: I saw this in the cinema when it was released in America in 2004. It’s crazy and well worth seeing. It’s crude, disgusting and a bit one-joke, but there are some really great scenes. My favourite being the one where Sylvia and her husband go and visit his mother in the old peoples home and joins in the hokey pokey only to get so aroused and frustrated she breaks the circle to pick up a bottle of water, only she doesn’t use her hands. Selma Blair is also great as the overblessed Ursulla Udders. In fact the whole cast does a great job and there are some fn references to Waters' earlier films including Pink Flamingos and Polyester.

CAN I BUY IT? Yes, on DVD.

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Trash Addict said...

I love "A Dirty Shame" too! John Waters is amazing. I think "Polyester" is one of the best films ever made.

I love the site - it's heavenly!