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14 January 2007

Death Wish 3, 1985

CREW: Michael Winner (Director)

Popular British director of the first three Death Wish movies. Now mainly works as a restaurant critic and political commentator. Was briefly the face of eSure insurance in the UK and appeared in a series of popular adverts for the company.

STARRING: Charles Bronson (Paul Kersey)

After appearing in supporting roles in movies such as The Great Escape and The Magnificent Seven he found major fame and notoriety for his roles in a whole host of vigilante movies during the 1980's.

Deborah Raffin (Kathryn)

Raffin is still a popular actress and has tried her hand at producing working on the successful movie Wilde in 1997. Also starred in Winner's The Sentinel in 1977.

Ed Lauter (Richard S. Shriker)

Popular movie and TV actor has starred in over 100 films to date.

Martin Balsam (Bennett)

Best known for his role in Psycho and worked for over 45 years in Hollywood right up until his death in 1996. Also starred in Winner's The Sentinel in 1977 with Raffin.

& Marina Sirtis (Maria)

Best known for her role as Deana Troi on Star Trek: The Next Generation and its blockbuster feature films. She also appeared in Winner's previous movie The Wicked Lady where she was whipped nude by Faye Dunaway, classy stuff!

with Alex Winter

PLOT: Paul Kersey goes to visit his friend in the projects only to turn up just as his friend is dying, the victim of a savage attack at the hands of a group of gang members. Kersey vows to protect the other residents from suffering a similar fate, the only way he knows how.

One forced sex scene, some nudity, lots of violence and some bad language.

THOUGHTS: Hilarious! This is one you can watch over and over! The ending is particularly amusing where 60-something Bronson somehow manages to take on a huge gang of thugs with the help of every illegal firearm known to man! Watch out for Marina Sirtis 'expiring' from a broken arm!! Top notch entertainment, perhaps more of a mans movie. Is that's not too much of a sexist thing to say.

What sets this movie apart from the other Death Wish movies is the plunge it seems to take from the gritty realism of the first two movies into a completely absurd over the top world of OTT violence and two dimensional cartoon-ish characters.

CAN I BUY IT?: DVD (Region 1). Try and get hold of the Australian uncut complete Death Wish box sex which has all 5 movies for a very good price. The first Death Wish movie was released at the end of last year in the UK on DVD.

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