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14 January 2007

Sing, 1989

STARRING: Lorraine Bracco (Miss Lombardo)

Most popular for her starring roles in The Medicine Man and the top rated TV series The Sopranos.

Jessica Stern


Stern has been a popular actress for over 25 years, guest starring on a vast array of TV series, she also had a starring role in the short lived Emmy nominated series Earth 2 in the late 90's.

Peter Dobson


Dobson has, and continues to be a popular television and movie actor, much like Stern.

Patti LaBelle

(Mrs. DeVere)

Soul legend LaBelle has only had supporting roles in a few movies to date. They have always been overshadowed by her successful career as a recording artist. Her biggest hit was 1985's On My Own a worldwide hit and duet with Michael McDonald. Perhaps she is still best known for her LaBelle hit Lady Marmalade and her 1985 pop single New Attitude. LaBelle is a best selling author and has her own range of clothing, perfumes and accessories. Her first Gospel CD was released in November 2006.

Rachel Sweet (Cecilia)

Sweet was a recording artist throughout the 80's, perhaps best known for singing the theme tune to John Waters' Hairspray and scored minor Top 40 UK hits with B-A-B-Y and a cover of Everlasting Love. She also provided the singing vocals for Amy Locane in John Waters' Cry Baby. Sweet has gone on to be a successful producer working on Dharma & Greg and George Lopez.

Cuba Gooding Jr. appears in a small part toward the end of the movie.

PLOT: A teacher (Bracco) returns to her down trodden neighborhood to work in the local school. She is put in charge of the annual Sing competition but unfortunately the school is due to be shut down and soon Sing is under threat! The kids must work together to make sure the competition takes place for the sake of their dying neighborhood!

No sex, no nudity, some bad language. 15/PG-13


Lorraine Bracco is absolutely awful in this film, it has to be said! She is about as street and tough as a bowl of soggy jelly. Her dancing is pretty decent in the one scene her only obvious 'talent' is called up though. The first half is pretty dull, but it gets going when Patti LaBelle shows the kids how to throw down with a rather striking performance, or as Mrs DeVere calls it - "how we pay the rent!" The problem is that there's very little dancing in the beginning of the movie, and of course the dance routines and ridiculous songs are the only reason to watch these kind of movies! The finale, however, is great fun, watch out for a great performance by singer Rachel Sweet.

CAN I BUY IT?: Used on VHS. Columbia/Tri-Star Pictures

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