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15 January 2007

Waxwork 2: Lost In Time, 1991

STARRING: Zack Galligan (Mark)

Best known for his roles in both Gremlins movies. Now an acting teacher in New York.

Monika Schnarre (Sarah)

Monika was the youngest girl ever to win the prestigious Ford Modeling Agency's "Supermodel of the World" competition in 1986. She gave up modeling to pursue acting in the 90's.

with Patrick McNee (Sir Wilfred)

McNee is a world famous British actor most famous for his starring role in The Avengers TV series.

Bruce Campbell (John Loftmore)

Campbell starred in the Evil Dead Trilogy and has gone on to become one of the most popular b-movie actors of our time.

Marina Sirtis (Gloria)

Known for her role as Deana Troi on the ever popular Star Trek: The Next Generation. She can also be seen in Death Wish 3.

& Martin Kemp (Baron Von Frankenstein).

Kemp used to play with popular 80's group Spandau Ballet, he left music behind in the 90's for a career in Hollywood. In 1999 he joined the cast of Britain's #1 TV show EastEnders and soon became the leading man on the show. He now advertises sofas for SCS in the UK.

with David Carradine & Alexander Godunov

PLOT: Picks up where the first movie left off. A hand follows Sarah home from the now completely destroyed Waxworks. The hand kills her father and she gets the blame. In order to vindicate her, she and Mark visit Sir Wilfred's house and find a secret room with a mirror which enables them to travel in time. They try to find proof that her story about the hand is true.

No sex, no nudity, lots of violence, gore, some language.

THOUGHTS: Rubbish! The first Waxwork movie was quite good, but this is pure garbage. It's barely even coherent! As with the first movie the teens visit different famous horror movie scenarios such as Frankenstein and his monster.

One revealing mistake that I haven't seen mentioned elsewhere is in the scene where Baron Van Frankenstein (Kemp) is being killed and his eyeballs pop out. In the moments that follow you can clearly see his eyes are still in their sockets. They had CGI in 1992 there's no excuse for such sloppiness!

In one particular scene we jump to a take on the 1960's horror movie The Haunting. Just as it's established we jump straight to a scene resembling Alien, and then it jumps back to The Haunting for no apparent reason. The cameo appearances are pretty rubbish apart from Bruce Campbell who seems to be loving the whole thing, lucky him! Don't bother.

CAN I BUY IT? Waxwork/Waxwork II DVD set (Region 1).

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