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14 January 2007

The Sisterhood, 1986

aka The Ladies Club

CREW: Janet Greek – Director, best known for episodes of Melrose Place and Babylon 5 in the 90’s. Can now be found on the Sci-Fi convention cirucit.

STARRING: Karen Austin

From her credits it would be fair to call Austin a jobbing actress having appeared in a whole host of major TV shows over the past 25 years. Most recently she’s been in Cold Case, Dead Like Me, Desperate Housewives and Freddie.

Diana Scarwid

Co-starred in the epic Mommie Dearest as the teenage Christina Crawford. Perhaps the most famous scene involved her being straddled and strangled by Faye Dunaway who of course played movie legend Joan Crawford in the film. Diana Scarwid went on to star in an array of b-movies and flops throughout the 80’s re-emerging in 2000 in the smash hit What Lies Beneath.

Christine Belford

Has appeared as a guest star in a million-and-one TV shows over the years such as Battlestar Galactica, Dynasty, Murder She Wrote and Beverly Hills 90210.

PLOT: A female cop (Austin) is raped and gets together with some other victims and a doctor (Belford) to form a support group. The group decides they are fed up with the way the system treats them and take the law into their own hands. They go out at night to attract rapists, only to drug them and kidnap them for castration!

No sex, no blood, no gore, hardly any bad language.

THOUGHTS: Could’ve been better, the script is especially dodgy. This movie plays very much like Death Wish for girls, sadly it’s about on a par with Death Wish 4: The Crackdown, rather than the original or the subsequent violent sequels. It’s pretty tame for an 18.

CAN I BUY IT? It was released on VHS in the UK, direct to video, naturally. In the US it was released as 'The Ladies Club'.

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